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GUIDE TO MEDICARE ELIGIBILITY, COVERAGE AND PLANS - Learn about your options for Medicare, including how much it costs and when to enroll

MEDICAID: HOW TO QUALIFY AND APPLY FOR MEDICAID - What You Should Know About How to Qualify and Apply for Medicaid

HEALTH INSURANCE WHEN YOU ARE UNEMPLOYED - You can get insurance without an employer. Find out about health insurance resources you can use.

IMPORTANT INFO ON SENIOR HEALTH CARE FROM CARING.COM - 4 very usefull links for Seniors that may need some assistant care

Retiree Links

NYT Mini Crossword Answers - The New York Times Mini Crossword is a 5×5 daily crossword - A Guide for Seniors and Retirees to Assist them in many areas - Protect Your Parents from Common Digital Traps - Simplifying Medicaid Long Term Care: Eligibility, Benefits & Applications - A Senior's Guide to Budgeting and Couponing

FREEbytheSEA - Addiction Rehab For Senior Adults

SeniorHousing.Net - Senior Housing and Care Resources - Elderly Slips and Falls Guide - Newspaper Crossword Puzzles and Answers - Seniors Guide to Medicare - Seniors Guide to Cancer - How Seniors Can Sleep Better - Understanding Lab Tests Associated with Medical Care

Addiction Group - Inpatient Treatment

GoodRXHealth - Mental Health and Social Support Resources for Older Adults

Caregiving Tips - Helpful Tips to Assist a Family Caregiver

WizCase - 15 Best Websites for Seniors in 2021

Crossword Solver.Com - Top 10 Benefits of Puzzle Solving for Adults

BroadBand Search.Net - Nine Ways to Lower Your Internet Bill - Why and how aging affects sleep

TheSeniorList.Com - Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors in 2022 - Security and your phone. What are the risks?

Moving for Seniors - The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Move - Sleep Apnea And Health For Seniors - Boater's Guide to Boating During the Pandemic - Restorative Yoga for Seniors - The 50 Plus Meaningful Travel Guide (Free Book) - What Is Medicare? - Computor Literacy Courses For Seniors: - Car Modification for Persons with Disabilities: -A Beginner's Guide to Understanding Cars for Folks with Disabilities

CarModificationRegistrationLicense - Registration & License for the Physically Challenged - Memory Care in Michigan - Assisted Living in Michigan - National Directory for Senior Care

Paying For Senior - The Best Medical Alert Systems for Affordability

Paying For Senior - Understand Your Financial Options for Long Term Care

Paying For Senior - Michigan - All about Medicare Advantage Plans in Michigan

Best Mobility - Live a more carefree life living with disability

SeniorPlanning.Org - Medicaid Long Term Care Guide (Eligibility by State)

Medical Alert.Org - All the Medical Alert info you'd want in one place. - The Best Medical Alert System for Seniors

Medical Alert.Com - Medical Alert System Price Comparisons

Ultimate Guide to Saving and Spending Wisely in Retirement - This site indexes coupons for thousands of retail websites on Twitter

Alliance for Retired Americans - a strong, new voice for retired workers and their families -  A quick guide to healthy living

Senior.Com - The Best Online Community for Seniors

The Third Age - A web server for baby boomers and more - Information on Elder Law, Medicare, Medicaid, and the rights of the elderly

National Gardening Association - NGA is a Trusted source for gardeners & educators with free information - A great site for "Gardeners on the Internet"

Retirement Living.Com - Helping you navigate the senior and caregiver service network

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. - Funded by sponsors of defined benefit plans.

Eldertreks - A travel club for retirees and senior citizens

Social Security OnLine - The home page of the Social Security Administration

The A.A.R.P. - The American Association of Retired Persons

Guide on Aging - Web MD - Live Better after 50 Newspaper Database - OnLine Newspapers from all over the U.S. and Worldwide

How To Become Tech Savvy Seniors In 10 Days - Provides seniors an opportunity to learn to use the Internet and other social media connections

Saniflo Depot - Bathroom Modifications for Seniors and People with Disabilities

Vim & - Caring for the Elderly in the Community

L.L. Medico - A Family's Guide to Caring for Aging Parents

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